Intelligence-Driven Cybersecurity & Game-based Learning Systems

Intelligence-Driven Cyber Defense, Education & Gaming 

Technologies, Disaster and Emergency Preparedness Assessment.

Business Summary:

SEGMA, LLC is an IT company focused on developing software solutions to complex problems. Its current activities are focused on developing serious games aimed at teaching offensive and defensive Cybersecurity skills for high school and College students. Our Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution is a Policy-driven and Risk-adaptive access control software that ensures the authenticity of the users and integrity of their requests to protect the assets of complex IT enterprises, industrial control systems, and Critical Infrastructures from cyber attacks.

The company has repurposed its corporate governance rating technologies (AI-based text analytics solution) to develop DEPAS: a Disaster and Emergency Preparedness Assessment System for foreign countries and US states. The company's hybrid access control methodology can support risk reduction by controlling access to a variety of information systems that support both public and private IT enterprises and industrial control systems for critical infrastructures and cyber-physical systems.

We specialize in:

  • Developing and deploying Game-based Learning Systems for Cybersecurity education
  • Developing and deploying policy-driven and risk adaptive access control software
  • Disaster and Emergency Preparedness Assessment System for Vulnerable US States, Caribbean, and African Countries
  • Business Intelligence--Text Analytics